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Paper Weight Makes A Difference!

It can be overwhelming walking into the paper section in any craft store when you’re trying to pick out the right type of paper for what you are working on. So many colors, sizes, and textures, but did you realize there is a difference in paperweight as well? Knowing this can make a big difference in how your project of choice turns out, so it’s good to know what to look for when it comes to what type of project you are working on. Think about your end goal for what you are creating before you pick out the type of paper you want to use, and then make your paper decision from there. Below are some ideas to help get you going in the right direction, all of which are available from Stampin’ Up! The great thing about all of these options is that like all paper available from Stampin’ Up! they are high quality and all acid and lignin free so you never have to worry about the paper damaging anything it comes in contact with over time if you are using photos or working on a piece that you’d like to preserve.

Stampin’ Up! Classic Cardstock (135-162 lb) is excellent for any project where you’ll be seeing the sides of the paper after it is cut because it is dyed all the way through. It also comes in two sizes (8.5 x 11 and 12 x12) and 50 different colors, so you’ll be sure to find a color you love. This is a heavier weight paper making it a good choice for card bases, boxes/packaging, or adding embellishments to. There is an even thicker card stock available (168-189 lb) in two colors (whisper white and very vanilla) if you need to create something even more sturdy like a card base, box or another packaging. Vellum Cardstock is also great for a delicate touch or overlays for when trying to achieve an elegant type of design, and occasionally you can find Designer Vellum which is fun to use when trying to create a stained-glass look. Their card stocks also have a very nice smooth surface which makes this a great paper option for stamping.

The Designer Series papers (97- 108 lb) come in two sizes as well (12x12 and 6x6), and their variety of paper colors coordinate well with their Cardstock making these a great combo choice. The Specialty Designer Series is excellent for a few different types of projects, especially some projects that you might be thinking about with the holidays approaching. There is a lightweight paper (67- 74 lb) that is delicate enough to add accents to and create envelopes out of, there is a standard weight with gold foil that allows you to emphasize or flock, and there is also a heavyweight paper with different types of finishes that can be fun to play around with.

Aside from all of these paper types, there are also some other fun options for a few different more unique kinds of projects. When it comes to water coloring, you’ll obviously want a quality paper. The Water Color paper in a 6x9 white sheet is thick (202 lb) and has a nice rough texture to hold your color and works well with any water coloring too.

Memories & More card packs are a great option if you’re looking to scrapbook or preserve photos and memorabilia. These include a variety of precut designer papers with different coordinating themes, and usually, include stickers or other embossed or foil cards. Window sheets can be used to create fun windows in boxes or cards, and are great for making shaker cards. Their foil and glimmer paper are single sided and are typically 12x12. The foil come in a few pretty metallic colors: Champagne, Copper, Gold, and Silver.

I bet you didn’t realize how many options of paper there actually are out there, but now that you know, I hope this helps you make a less overwhelming decision when it comes to picking out the right type of paper for your next project.

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