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What is a Muse and Why You Might Want One

What we often forget about the beautiful crafts we design, is that they were once just a blank sheet of paper. Everything we create starts as an empty page, but then it goes through a journey that we call the “creative process.” This process is not fulfilled by inspiration alone. Sometimes, our process encounters frustration and doubt. At times, we lack direction and find it difficult to unlock our creative world of thought.

As you experiment with the highs and lows of your creative process, don’t allow the frustration to discourage you. Instead, motivate yourself to seek out the muse that will guide you to your next beautiful idea.

What are Muses?

Behind every great work lies an artist and their muse. The first “muse” dates back to the ancient days of Greek mythology which told of the nine muses. The Muses were Greek goddesses, presiding over each and every form of art and literature. The muse is not an object or a person, but instead a force of creativity that is greater than life. We may find our muse in a person, moment, work of art, or place.

How to Find Your Muse

There is no way of knowing where our muse will lie, but in order to find it we must open ourselves up. Expand your creative process to include reflection and periods of deep thought. A muse is not something we pick out, but something we discover on our creative journey. They often appear in front of us, and we recognize it as something that gets us motivated to start crafting and creating.

Muses appeal to our personal experiences and the unconscious mind coming together. Their power increase an artist’s powers of creativity.

How A Muse Help Artists

So what exactly happens when we open our creative process and work with a muse? Well, it is similar to that of what happens when we open a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke and drop in some Mentos— spoiler alert, it’s an explosion!

Just like the fizzy drink emerging from its container and into the sky, adding a muse to our creative process results in spectacular bursts of thought that spill onto our once blank page. What once was empty and untouched is suddenly transformed by our ideas. Working with a muse inspires the images deep in our mind to finally come to light.

If you are stuck in the pitfalls of designing your crafts, remember that it is all a part of the process and you must not give up! If you give up on finding your muse, you will never see what beautiful results you are capable of crafting. So let your mind wander about and experiment along the path it takes you. Your muse is out there and it will eventually guide you to fantastic eruptions of thought that will compel your creations of art. Do not doubt yourself because before you know it — boom! You might surprise yourself with what you can create.

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