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Why Three Is A Magic Number

“Three… is a magic number. Yes it is, it’s a magic number” - Schoolhouse Rock

The number three stands out as a significant number in many ideologies, signaling good luck, bad luck, and everything in between. However, when it comes to crafting and other forms of art, the number three is a magic number. Here is some information about how the Rule of Thirds can guide you to and help make something fantastic!

What is “The Rule of Thirds?”

If you are wondering what the Rule of Thirds is, you should know that it is one of the most common design principles for many forms of art. It is a crucial concept behind award-winning films, legendary photographs, and even the layout of social media sites. This principle states that you should base your projects off of a canvas that is divided equally into three parts, both horizontally and vertically, creating a grid of nine equal parts. This principle stems from the notion that the human eye is drawn to a balance that gives us ease and pleasure.

When you start your next project, turn your canvas into a tic-tac-toe and give the Rule of Thirds a try!

Why You Should Use Three to Design

The Rule of Thirds is a favorite for a reason and has many benefits for your designs. First of all, it gives you a sense of direction, and that helps focus the eye on certain aspects of your design. Most artists and crafters have trouble starting their projects, so this is an excellent place to start off on rather than just using the center of the page as your focal point. You will have a solid connection to different elements of your design without overshadowing the designs themselves.

Take your creative ideas and place them on the canvas in a way that is organized beauty!

Getting Crafty With the Rule of Thirds

When making cards, scrapbooks, and other fun crafts, the Rule of Thirds can be an excellent technique to create a stunning piece that just looks right.

If you are stuck at the start, choose your focal points and what elements you want to stand out. Decide the embellishments, stamps, pictures or words that you want to catch someone's eye, and then place them using the Rule of Thirds. If there a horizontal lines in these embellishments, you can easily line them up to provide an eye-pleasing balance. You can also locate special parts of your design upon the intersecting points on the grid. It is important to remember that one of the most eye-catching points of intersection will be the top left point followed by the bottom left, top right, and then lastly the bottom right.

Another way to use the Rule of Thirds to your advantage is by incorporating certain elements to extend across the divided sections as a way to create a movement that will give your craft a beautiful flow!

Here are a couple of my own cards with the template overlay. They seem to incorporate the rule of thirds. I would love to see some of your creations and how you applied the Rule of Thirds (or didn’t on purpose).

No matter what the number three means to you, it will always be there to help you create the perfect craft! Happy designing!

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